Monday, January 30, 2012

Variety Store Finds

I walked over to the Variety Store today, hoping to avoid a trip to Michael's in Riverhead just to buy lollipop sticks (for a Newsday story I'm working on). Hooray! There they were, in aisle two on the left. Before I could get to the cash register, I was pulled as if by magnetic force into the center aisle, with all of its Valentine's Day merchandise. So much good stuff--cupcake liners, seasonal M&Ms, boxes and boxes of valentine cards. And right across from the red foil take-out boxes (which will make nice packaging for some pretty chocolate bark), were what at first appeared to be large containers of herbs and spices. On closer inspection, I saw that they were "blended turf," "underbrush," and "soft flake snow." Fascinating! How could my children have graduated from Sag Harbor Elementary without these supplies? More importantly, am I too old to start making topographical maps and dioramas?