Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Love This Town

Yesterday morning, Jack Bishop (of America's Test Kitchen fame, and my husband) was the guest on I Love This Town, Nina Landi's and Paula Krzyzewski's acclaimed Morning Program talk show. He was nervous going in, since previous guests have included children's book author Emma Walton, Frank Venesina from Conca D'Oro, and Jon Bon Jovi (his song, "I Love This Town," inspired the show), all tough acts to follow. But Jack pulled it off, like the pro he is! After answering some grueling questions about his favorite teacher and his mother's cooking, he led a few elementary school students through taste tests of strawberry yogurt, orange juice, and pancake syrup. The results: Dannon over Fage Greek yogurt, Tropicana Pure Premium over Minute-Maid from concentrate, and Aunt Jemima (for shame, kids of Sag Harbor!) over pure Vermont maple syrup. Nice of Mrs. Landi to plug his show (America's Test Kitchen, on PBS channel 13 in New York, Sundays 5pm; and check your local listings).

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