Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Week Kick-Off

I was at The Today Show today, where they were already celebrating Halloween. I arrived at the studio just as Dan Aykroyd (still promoting Ghostbusters) was leaving. Since I had no husband or children to stop me, I photographed him as he was getting into his limo. In the makeup room, I saw Rod Stewart, but didn't feel as free to pull out my camera with so many security guards and other NBC employees looking on. Full of regret as I made my way upstairs to the Today kitchen, I passed by a half-dozen dogs dressed in Halloween costumes. I took a picture of a bulldog dressed as a sushi roll, as a consolation to myself. Then I took pictures of my cakes in the demo kitchen, right before going on to demonstrate how to make a pumpkin-chocolate chip pound cake. For the recipe (and to see me with Al Roker!), click here.

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