Sunday, October 11, 2009

Typical Sunday

It was a typical Sunday here in Sag Harbor, full of small triumphs and disappointments. I woke up early to make a loaf of buttery white sandwich bread, and while the mixer was kneading my dough I received an e-mail from my brother-in-law in Vermont, with a photo of a Shelburne farm stand where crowds flock to buy cider doughnuts. Those doughnuts must be good, because I'm sure there hasn't been a crowd that big in Vermont since the Jonas Brothers played the Champlain Valley Exposition last summer. Hoping against hope that someone had opened up a cider doughnut stand on Main Street overnight, I headed out. Since the Hamptons International Film Festival has been going on all weekend, I was betting on seeing Sharon Stone (who was due to appear at the Bay Street Theater at 1:30) eating a doughnut. But I was disappointed. No doughnuts and the only movie star I've seen this weekend is Alec Baldwin. No offense Alec Baldwin, I think you are hilarious! But I've seen you so many times before on Main Street that I wonder if you are following me! I'm afraid the closest I got to a cider doughnut was a gallon of Milk Pail cider from Falkowski's (Scuttlehole Road and Millstone in Bridgehampton). It was almost 2:00 when I walked into the tasting room at Channing Daughters and felt my luck turn. They had not yet sold out of their newest release, a coppery-colored wine called Ramato that I knew would be perfect with my Thanksgiving turkey if only I could get my hands on some of it. On the way home, I saw that Bay Burger had some new Fall ice cream flavors, so I stopped to pick up a pint of pumpkin. When I sit down tonight to enjoy my bread and ice cream, secure in the knowledge that I'll have plenty of wine to drink on Thanksgiving day, I'll only feel a little bit sad that I never got my doughnut.

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