Friday, December 4, 2009

Instead of Making a Wreath...

Oy. Let me tell you about my wreath problem. Earlier in the week, I saw this wreath on DesignSponge and got it into my head that I would make one for myself. It fulfilled the first requirement of any craft project I'll undertake: It looked easy. Then there was the second requirement: All of the supplies could be found at home and/or purchased on Main Street, cheaply. Third, it somehow appealed to my good taste, in spite of meeting the first two requirements and considering that kitchen sponges are a main component. I went upstairs and confirmed that the million buttons I'd been saving since I moved into this house were still in a drawer in the bedroom. I jotted down the other items I would need and headed into town.

I felt vaguely criminal, entering Emporium Hardware (72 Main Street; 725-0103) with a shopping list that included clothesline, spray paint, and sponges. I was almost surprised that no one stepped forward to make a citizen's arrest as I collected everything and proceeded to the cash register. As the woman in front of me repeated for the third time a complex order that included many yards of wire, I hesitated. "What am I doing, making a wreath out of styrofoam, rope, sponges, and buttons? I am Jewish!" So I returned the items to their shelves, went to the Variety Store (45 Main Street; 725-9706), and bought a package of bobby pins, a tube of crazy glue, and some postcards. An equally suspicious list? Maybe. But look at the pretty hairpins I made. I clipped them to the postcards and may give them to the girls' friends as they pass through the house in the next few weeks.

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