Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Good Neighbor

A couple of days ago I noticed that when I turned on one of my cooktop burners it spewed gas into the air but wouldn't ignite. Poking around underneath, I saw a loose wire. So I grabbed it, thinking I could just stick it somewhere to make the thing work again. But instead of solving the problem this caused sparks to fly from the wire and a fuse to blow. I dialled an 800 number for authorized service and was told that a repairman could come out sometime next week, perhaps. I thought I could handle the wait. But since I know nothing about how electricity works, I spent a sleepless night imagining that sparks would spontaneously fly from that wire and ignite the roll of paper towels on my kitchen counter, starting a fire which would ultimately reduce my house to a pile of ashes. I couldn't stop worrying, even though we have about sixteen smoke alarms in this house, several of which are hooked up to a call station which has, a couple of times in the past, alerted the Sag Harbor Fire Department that our house was on fire even when it wasn't. In the morning, I decided I couldn't wait until next week. I got out my local yellow pages and called Chris at Good Neighbor Appliance Service (65 Clay Pit Road, 725-3300). He came over right after the storm and fixed the burner in 15 minutes flat. I am too exhausted to cook dinner, so we are headed to The Meeting House in Amagansett for some excellent macaroni and cheese, but tomorrow I plan on stir-frying some Spicy Caramelized Tofu with Green Beans.

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