Sunday, February 21, 2010

Will Kill for a Bakery

Hello! I've been visiting my parents in the Dominican Republic, in case you were wondering about the steep dip in the IGA's receipts last week. It was my Dad's birthday, so we went to a stylish new bakery in La Romana called Crema to buy him a cake (I was on vacation and aside from a batch of blondies the night before his party, I didn't bake a thing). Crema has an immaculate little counter where you can sit and have an espresso and a brownie or a lemon square. I would kill to have a place like this on Main Street! And you don't know me if you think that's just a figure of speech! There is a vast menu of cakes, but the children already have their favorite, so we came away with a dulce de leche-covered cheesecake for Abuelo. Coming in March, when we have a birthday in this house: My own recipe for a caramel-covered cheesecake.

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