Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Quick Dip, and $1 Ice Cream at the Variety Store

We returned to Sag Harbor yesterday afternoon, just in time to meet our delightful house swappers from London before they headed to JFK. It was about 2pm, and I wanted everyone to stay awake until it was dark, to beat potential jet lag. So after a little bit of unpacking, mostly to admire all of the stuff we spent all of our money on, we headed to Sagg Main for a quick dip to keep us going. The ocean was beautiful, and free. Almost as inexpensive, and just as refreshing on these last days of summer vacation, are the ice cream sandwiches, creamsicles, and strawberry shortcakes selling for $1 at the Variety Store. These are my favorite affordable indulgence during these final days of summer vacation.

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