Sunday, August 2, 2009

Super Saturday

Yesterday, we took our younger daughter to Connecticut for a yearly Bishop family reunion called "Cousin-palooza" because, well, that's what they call it. On the way to the ferry in Orient, we stopped at D'Latte in Greenport (218 Main Street; 631-477-4060) for muffins.
They make the BEST muffins. So hard to choose between the blueberry and the lemon-poppy seed.
Some of the more musical Bishops joined in when the professionals arrived to play folk songs and bluegrass music.Our hosts, Tom and Katherine, arranged for a local baker to make an excellent carrot cake since several cousins had recently celebrated birthdays. When it came to inscribing the cake, something got lost in the translation.
Did I mention that our older daughter attended the famous Super Saturday benefit in Bridgehampton with her aunt on the Chattman side, before heading off to her first Quinceanera celebration in East Hampton? While she was at the party, the poodle, who had stayed home all day, enjoyed the goody bag very much.

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