Tuesday, January 19, 2010

IGA Item of the Week

A while ago a friend e-mailed to tell me about the triple creme goat brie, well-wrapped and packed in a box to preserve its freshness, that she had discovered in the dairy aisle at the IGA. I told her that although the larger part of my food budget goes right to Schiavoni's, I save the cheese money for Cavaniola's (89 Division Street; 725-0095). What if someone saw me buying cheese at the IGA? It would be like getting caught with a Golden Pear cup (No disrespect to the nice people at the Golden Pear! I wouldn't go anywhere else for muffins!) outside of Java Nation. But I filed away the information, in case of a cheese emergency, guessing that if the day ever came, it would be a Tuesday, the cheese shop's day off. So today, confronted with the "closed" sign near the door at Cavaniola's and in need of a triple creme cheese for a story with a fast-approaching deadline, I didn't panic or drive Citarella's. I walked to Main Street and bought this pretty little brie.

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