Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My New "Riding" Boots?

I've always had a secret wish to walk around the Hamptons in riding boots, like Madonna or Kelly Klein. But since I would never in a million years sit on top of half-ton animal who might throw me to the ground and then kick or crush me to death, dressing as if I'd do this would be dishonest. Or would it? Today, on my way to the IGA, I saw these rubber rain boots, cleverly molded to look like riding boots, outside of Flying Point. Although I won't ride a horse, I do go out in the rain. In fact, it was raining as I stood on the sidewalk. So I went inside to try on the boots. My size was out of stock, so I proceeded to the grocery store empty handed. But the manager is checking at the Southampton store...

1 comment:

  1. Did you manage to get the riding-style boots? I have been wanting a pair of riding boots for a while and bought myself a pair today. They are a bit stiff to walk around in but they are very comfortable.