Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Delightful Visit to Lucy's Whey

I finally made it over to Lucy's Whey (80 North Main Street, East Hampton; 324-4428) yesterday and very much enjoyed talking with proprietor Lucy Kazickas about the her hand-picked artisanal American cheeses. It is such a beautiful shop, with such a well-curated and cared for collection. I was impressed by her commitment to the cheesemakers who work so hard to produce these incredible products. So much love and devotion goes into this business! As I had hoped, she had on hand the fresh ricotta cheese I had tried at Exile in Amagansett, made at a dairy in Rhode Island. But since I had a long afternoon of driving ahead of me and had neglected to pack my cooler and ice packs, I was afraid to buy some. Instead, I came away with this amazing truffled salami (made in Utah) and a jar of highly recommended golden-pink raspberry jam from Orient. I had it on toast this morning and it was all that Lucy promised. She also says it would be great on top of vanilla ice cream.

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