Sunday, July 4, 2010

Corn Muffins, Part 2

Keeping a promise to myself, I made another batch of corn muffins today, substituting 1 cup of corn (from 2 small ears) for the raspberries in yesterday's recipe. They were delicious, especially when slathered with the Vermont Creamery cultured butter with sea salt which I did indeed return to Lucy's Whey to buy after I realized my grave mistake in passing on it when it was offered on Thursday. I thought the butter would also be good with my Quail Hill radishes and these beautifully plump and sweet sugar snap peas that I blanched for just 2 minutes before shocking in ice water, draining, and patting dry. The ice-cold vegetables and farm-fresh butter, crunchy with salt, will make a good appetizer on this warm evening.

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