Sunday, August 15, 2010

Enjoying the Vladimir Neilsen Piano Festival

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending a recital that was part of the ongoing Vladimir Nielsen Piano Festival right here in Sag Harbor. The dozen or so young pianists (the youngest was 11!) who spend a month of intensive piano study under the direction of renowned Julliard faculty member Victoria Mushkatkol, dazzled a local audience with their skill and sensitivity. Before the concert, the festival's gracious founder Dr. Robert Maimone took me on a tour of the piano camp's premises, a lovely house off of Noyac Road, customized for intensive practice with soundproof rooms housing close to a dozen Steinway pianos (the Steinway concert grand piano that was used for the recital is the same instrument that is profiled in New York Times writer James Barron's book, Piano: The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand). I was fascinated to learn from a menu posted in the concert hall that the students had fortified themselves with oatmeal for breakfast and hamburgers for lunch before the concert, and could look forward to celebrating with vanilla cake with chocolate whipped cream afterwards. I also enjoyed the all-natural sodas and excellent cookies set out for us at Intermission. I hope to return for the concert on Wednesday, which is billed as "The Night of the Great Piano Concerti," to see what is on the menu, I mean the program. Tickets are $15 dollars--an extreme bargain--and available at the door.


  1. This is wonderful!! Thank you for the honor of having such a beautiful write up about our program on Sag Harbor Days! We look forward to following more of your delightful, interesting, and clever articles featuring so many fascinating and good things, all presented with the utmost quality and care. What great people with such spirit and life! Well done!

  2. Thanks for your kind comment! I was so impressed with the recital, and the amazing commitment and energy and love from the musicians. You bring so much joy to this town!