Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photogenic Holiday Cookies

On Friday, a photographer came to my house to record the nine types of cookies I had made for a big holiday baking story (don't worry--I will link you to it as soon as it is out). So in the days leading up to the shoot I ran around to local stores in search of products to make the cookies pretty. These cinnamon-pecan rounds tasted great, but were a rather drab, so at Williams-Sonoma I picked up a can of edible gold spray paint, hoping to make them shiny and pretty. But when I sprayed one of them, I was horrified by the way it looked: About as edible as a bronzed baby shoe. Luckily, I had also purchased a container of golden sanding sugar. Before baking the remaining cookies, I dipped them in the sugar and then pressed a pecan halves in their centers. Here they are, getting ready for their close-up.


  1. The first cookie kind of looks like an award cookie, "and the Oscar (cookie) goes to....." I am sure it is an award-winning taste. I am looking forward to seeing the whole story.

  2. I can't wait until I can provide the link to the story and pictures! Soon!