Sunday, February 27, 2011

IGA Items of the Week

I remember once, years ago, when I was running low on Hershey's Cappuccino Crunch ice cream, I ran into the IGA to re-stock. As the usually reticent check-out person handed me my change, she said, "You sure do buy a lot of that stuff." Did this out-of-character comment mean she thought that I was eating too much ice cream? Just a little defensively, I told her that I couldn't risk running out, since the children couldn't live without it. It was only then that I started to wonder if she noticed other items I bought in disproportionate quantities, such as Smuckers peanut butter and Bonne Maman jam. But there is security in knowing that I always have something to eat. I've just returned from a week-long visit to my parents' house, and the refrigerator is empty. But I won't go hungry, with my peanut butter and jelly. I could even make these bar cookies (from my pantry desserts story, just out in this month's Bon Appetit!) to bring to Bay Street's Oscars broadcast tonight, without actually going shopping. For the recipe, click here.

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