Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Love the Farmer's Market

My trip to the Winter Farmer's Market on Bay Street was full of small thrills. I walked over there for some Milk Pail apples, but before I could feel disappointed that there were none today, I spotted a basket of those elusive Blue Duck whole grain seeded baguettes that I love. "Are those whole grain seeded baguettes from the Blue Duck?" I asked the owner of Greeny's, ascertaining their authenticity before I shelled out $8 for two of them. So what if they traveled from Southampton to Shelter Island to Bay Street before they wound up in my kitchen. While I was paying, a potato farmer from an adjacent table came over to show us his heart-shaped potato. It would have been too cute to bear, if it hadn't been covered in real Hamptons dirt. And then, on my way out, I saw a sign that made me shout for joy (luckily, those are new windows on the Bay Street building and none of the vendors could hear me). Geek Hampton, the best Mac dealer and advice/repair operation ever, is moving into the building! I rushed home to send a message to head Geek Sheryl (who always returns my calls of distress, and is usually able to solve my Mac problems by advising me to unplug something for 30 seconds and then plug it back in) to confirm the good news. They'll be up and running in a matter of weeks. Then maybe my new neighbors will be able to help me with my ongoing Optimum e-mail subscriber problem.

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