Monday, March 7, 2011

A Surprise in Southampton

I must tell you about a Chronicles of Narnia experience I had a little while ago. I opened a door to a warehouse wedged between Riverhead Building Supply and an auto body shop in Southampton and found myself not in a storage space or grimy garage but in the light-filled and elegant Plain T loft. If I had run into Mr. Tumnus at Riverhead Building Supply I wouldn't have been more amazed. After letting me gawk at everything in the pretty space, owners Tathiana and Alex Teixeira showed me some of the many fragrant and beautiful loose teas that they import from around the world and sell to the finest restaurants in the city, and gave me some lessons in the right way to make tea (Lesson 1: Don't let the water come to a rolling boil. Who knew?). The loft is not quite a tearoom or a retail space, although if you give a call you can arrange to stop in to taste and buy some of the company's exquisite artisan teas. While you are there, take a minute to admire the mobile they've made from muslin tea bags that are hand-assembled in Southampton.

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