Saturday, September 10, 2011

Enjoying Harborfest

Harborfest is on, and I spent the morning on Long Wharf enjoying some of its delights. The Boy Scouts were grilling hot dogs, Pierson Middle School students were singing karaoke, and the little kids were enjoying a picturesquely situated bouncy castle with a nautical theme. On my way home, I browsed the sidewalk sales, and these half-price drinking straws at Country Lane (I have a newfound love of polka dots) caught my eye. See you at the Whale Boat Races!


  1. Perfect weather for it!
    I just made individual chicken pot pies in polka dot casseroles I got for a song at my fave store.
    How was the chowder?

  2. What is your favorite store??? Polka dots are my new passion.