Sunday, September 6, 2009

Secret Candy Store

All summer I had been meaning to stop in at the J&M Emporium (112 Division Street), but never seemed to have my camera when I was headed in that direction. I love the way they left the delicatessen sign over the shop when they moved in. Then I heard a rumor that in addition to antiques and flowers the store was also selling the candy inventory from the much-missed Candy & Flowers. It was the incentive I needed to rush over there before the end of the holiday weekend. Turns out that the owners are actually selling not leftovers but freshly stocked candy, along with many objects that would look great in my house, like these French candy jars. I bought some soft, chewy licorice to eat while I watch Julie and Julia this afternoon (I figure it is safe to go to the movies when the weather is this nice) and mull over the purchase of those jars.

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