Thursday, September 3, 2009

Join the Club

I've never been much of joiner. I don't belong to a book group, a country club, or a knitting circle. I believe I am the least active and effective member of the Sag Harbor P.T.A. Several years ago, however, I found a group that made few demands on my time, energy, and social skills while providing an inordinate amount of pleasure: The Channing Daughters Wine Club. I didn't have to submit to an interview or provide a letter of recommendation. To join, all I needed was a valid credit card number and a reminder to drive over to the winery every other month to pick up two new bottles. Perks of membership include 10% off all Channing Daughters wines and the chance to enjoy the sight of rows of Long Island grapes growing under a spectacular sky when you are there. The winery was especially beautiful yesterday afternoon when I stopped by to pick up the newest releases, a bone-dry, crisply acidic Tocai Friuliano, and Sylvanus, Channing Daughers' vin de terroir made with grapes grown in the field adjacent to the tasting room on Scuttlehole Road. I may very well return this weekend with my houseguests (another perk--as a member I'm allowed to bring up to 5 friends with me for free tastings) to enjoy the view, and some of the half-dozen wines they're pouring from 11 to 5 each day.

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