Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not Exactly Breaking News

Last weekend my sister-in-law brought me a dozen mini cupcakes from her local cupcake bakery, Barrington Bites (she brings the best gifts--last year she bought me a bottle of vodka made in the Berkshires). And all weekend I was outraged that we didn't have a similarly cute and high-quality cupcake bakery around here. Then yesterday, on my way home from Melville, I was distracted by signs on the highway in front of Citarella's, advertising The Watermill Cupcake Company! Of course, the traffic at 4pm was too heavy for me to consider turning around and investigating, but this morning I drove right over there to see what kinds of cupcakes were being baked in Watermill. Well, it turns out that all kinds of cupcakes are being baked there, and have been on sale SINCE THE MIDDLE OF JULY! The sad fact is that because of an obsession with avoiding traffic, I haven't driven on the stretch of Route 27 between Bridgehampton and Watermill since July Fourth weekend, and so I completely missed the Watermill Cupcake Company's grand opening. Another sad thing--I didn't have time to hang around and wait for the red velvet cupcakes to cool (the bakery is a very nice place to hang out, with its marble countertops, vintage cake stands, and industrial-size espresso machine). But I did walk away with two mini chocolate and two mini vanilla ones, plus a large vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting, the last one on the house because the very nice owner wanted me to take home a box with one of their very attractive bakery stickers. The Watermill Cupcake Company will be open year-round, she assured me, takes all kinds of special orders, and is gearing up for Halloween right now.


  1. I disagree - this is Breaking News! I can't wait to try them.

  2. It is so funny--probably no one in Sag Harbor has been on Route 27 in Watermill for 2 months!