Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I took a soul-destroying walk through the cavernous Pottery Barn outlet in Riverhead this afternoon, looking for a picture frame but only finding fake-homemade Halloween decorations at every turn. Returning to my car, I thought I had left my capacity to experience joy in aisle three with the giant--and I mean giant!--candles. I headed down the highway to Michael's Crafts in search of disposable pastry bags that I need for a cookie swap I'm throwing over the weekend. I was filled with dread. It's September now, so I knew there would be synthetic scarecrows and Autumn leaves aplenty at that place. But when I glanced through the 99-cent bins right next to the baking supplies, look what I found--post-it notes and note cards that couldn't be more perfect as party favors for 6th-grade girls. And when I checked out, I discovered that they had been marked down to 50 cents!

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