Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Dream Come True

I usually do my shopping on Main Street, but today I drove all the way to B.J.'s in Riverhead with a special purpose: To buy the concession stand candy for the Pierson Middle School musical. I have always wanted to load up a shopping cart with bulk bags of Laffy Taffy and Hershey's Miniatures! I'm storing it all in my scary basement, so I won't be tempted to eat it before opening night on February 3. The show is The Music Man, and it will surely be spectacular. Click here for ticket information.


  1. Hey Lauren,

    When I go to the school plays I always bring an apple along for intermission. Have you thought of offering a large of bowl of apples? Howard could easily order some nice fuiji apples. I know there will be some very appreciative parents and grandparents and maybe even some students.


  2. Ellen, that is a great idea. We were struggling when looking for something "healthy" yesterday at B.J.'s and just gave up on all the unappealing options. Could you get me a price, per apple?