Sunday, June 7, 2009

Days of Peace and Dance

This weekend, children from the East End, including many from Sag Harbor, performed in Studio 3's annual dance recital. As always, the show was an opportunity to enjoy beautifully choreographed numbers performed by adorably clad student dancers who had worked hard all year and were now enjoying their moment in the spotlight. But this year, the show had a theme--Woodstock's 40th anniversary. Each number in the show was set to a song sung at the Woodstock festival. Diane Shumway, the studio's director, had ballerinas in tie-died tutus dancing to Marrakesh Express, modern dancers in psychedelic unitards dancing to Purple Haze, and tap dancers in mod mini dresses tapping their hearts out to Summertime Blues. A chance for the audience to come together as witnesses to some very joyful movement, it was a fine tribute to the world's largest peaceful gathering. Officially, cameras weren't allowed in the auditorium. But someone passed along these cell phone pictures of the Ballet II class performing to Piece of My Heart and the entire company at curtain call, in the same spirit I suppose that bootleg recordings of the concert were circulated soon after Woodstock was over. I hope that Miss Diane, wise hippy and true artist that she is, won't mind too much.

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