Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Vintage" Photos

I don't think this is quite as fun as the tilt shift photo tool, but it comes close. Take any of your recent Sag Harbor photos (here's one of my house, taken 3 minutes ago), and transform it into something you might see on the walls of the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum, with this the help of the Bakumatsu Koshasin Generator (it's Japanese!).


  1. Hi Lauren,
    Just found your blog! I am your neighbor in Southampton.
    Come visit sometime@
    Your pics are beautiful..

  2. Thanks for commenting, Kathleen! Every once in a while I leave this village and do get over to Southhampton. Let me know if there is something new to eat or photograph!

  3. love the vintage photo - thought you'd found it at the library or somewhere.. where did you find this ? had to laugh though - followed the link and it took me to a site Japanese...

  4. Yes--I love that website, with all of the antiqued Japanese temples! Beautiful!