Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nicoise Salad at Sunset Beach

I forgot all about this until I looked at my grilled cheese pictures yesterday: A lovely nicoise salad I ate at Sunset Beach (35 Shore Road, Shelter Island; 631-749-2001) on Shelter Island on Sunday evening. I’m actually a little conflicted about the experience. The salad was great, but oh, the horror of elbowing my way through the drunken, half-dressed crowd to get to the dining deck where it was served! Once I made it upstairs, I was able to relax. Tender green beans, new potatoes, and ventresca tuna were perfect, as was the view. I just might try to make something similar at home, since green beans and potatoes are ready at Quail Hill and Cavaniola’s (89-B Division Street; 725-0095) carries the very special imported tuna (they have it in small jars, too, but isn't this 1600g size awesome?) that makes all the difference.

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