Monday, July 13, 2009

Preserved Memories

For a while I've been collecting the empty Mason jars from a recent IGA Item of the Week, Sarabeth's Spreadable Fruit, hoping to discover an exciting new use for them. When an online search produced dreary ideas like using the jars as votive candle holders, I was discouraged. So they sat empty in the pantry.

Then on Saturday, a window display at the Aarhus Gallery in Belfast, Maine caught my eye. The artist, Kate Chapin, had taken old photographs and placed them in canning jars, doubly preserving the past. As soon as I got home I put one of my many "child with lobster" photos, this one from a year ago, into one of the jars. I'm overjoyed. Not only have I found a use for my jars, but I've also come up with a good excuse to eat lobster more often.

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