Thursday, July 23, 2009

On the Way Home from Main Street...

Once and sometimes twice or three times a day I pass by Blooming Shells (11 Washington Street; 725-9504) on my way to Main Street. Every time, I peek in the window and see the same basket of rings made out of shells. A few weeks ago I even went in to take a closer look and try one on. Could these really be as nice as I thought they were, if they were only priced at $8 each? Then yesterday, as I walked past the movie theater on my way home from the IGA I noticed a stylish young woman waiting for the Jitney, carrying an Hermes tote and wearing one of the rings! Without hesitation I headed straight to the shop. Blooming Shells' owner, Debbie-lou Houdek, says she can tell the difference between someone who is going to buy something and someone who is just looking in a matter of seconds. So she knew I was ready . She overturned the basket on the counter and helped me find one that fit just right.

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