Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Way to Waste Time in Sag Harbor

As the deadline for my bread book approaches, I am taking coffee break procrastination to a new level, walking to Java Nation for whole Espresso beans, grinding them at home (my kitchen smells so good!), and then making cappuccinos for everyone. Do you like my coffee stencil? I am planning on using it on top of my next loaf of Sag Harbor Sourdough Bread...


  1. Just spotted you over at Mickey's (nautical necklace giveaway)..., and read that you found her via my site Completely Coastal. Are you a reader? So I just wanted to say hi, because I love cappuccino (and will get a nice machine once my kitchen is finished). And I love good bread, and Long Island too. Browsed around here, and found some great recipes as well. You certainly have a very interesting life! And I wish you all the best with your book!

  2. Yes, I love your blog--so many beautiful things, photos, to inspire. Thanks for leaving a comment.