Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Busy Pre-Thanksgiving Morning

I've had a busy morning already, without leaving the Village. To start, I went to Morning Program at the Elementary School, where Mr. Fox performed Albuquerque is a Turkey, to the delight of everyone. Still humming the catchy tune, I drove over to Bette and Dale's. I had seen Bette late last week, and she told me that if I want some of their fresh salad greens for Thanksgiving, I'd better come on Tuesday morning, because she and Dale are headed to Arizona tomorrow for the winter. I'll miss them and and their marvelous produce! The salad I'm planning is a mixture of chopped celery root (which I bought at the IGA afterward---so sculptural), apples (from the weekend run to Falkowski's), and Stilton that I picked up at Cavaniola's on my way home (they'll be open until noon on Thanksgiving Day, by the way, for cheese emergencies). Now it's off the the airport to pick up my sister. Enjoy this rousing song.

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