Monday, November 2, 2009

A Reason to Root for the Yankees

If you know me at all you know I couldn't care less about baseball. When I watch this game on tv I might as well be watching a Japanese movie without subtitles. That is how uncomprehending I am of baseball's rules or its appeal. But a while back when I was working on a book about cookie swaps (to be published in the Fall, don't worry, I will alert you!), I came upon a wonderful source for handmade copper cookie cutters, a family business based in Kansas called Copper Gifts. Browsing the incredible online selection, I was immediately taken by the state-shaped cookie cutters. Decorating suggestions are given along with the specs for most cutters, and the New York State cutter showed cookies with this Yankees design. I had to order one immediately. Piping the stripes and letters was so simple and fun. Finally, I have a reason to care about the World Series. It will give me an excuse to make these cute cookies again.

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