Monday, November 9, 2009

Food Drive Rap

Every once in a while I leave my camera at home, and kick myself when I miss an opportunity to photograph something that would be just perfect for Sag Harbor Days. One time, in June, I saw a sign in the window of the American Hotel advertising half-price lobster dinners. Rudy Giuliani was sitting right in front of it, obscuring some important information. But still, wouldn't you have liked to have seen that? A few nights later, I saw some ducks eating large matzoh crackers in the parking lot between Sen and the Suffolk County National Bank. I've seen those ducks a dozen times since, but never again eating matzoh. Another missed opportunity. I could have kicked myself today, because Morning Program at the Elementary School featured some of our most musical teachers performing an excellent rap song about the upcoming food drive. They were dressed in hoodies and sunglasses and rhyming "healthy snack" and "leader of the pack," and of course they had some much better material that I can't remember now because I'm old. I returned this afternoon, but everyone had changed back into their teaching clothes, and I wasn't even able to track down the complete lyrics. I did photograph the announcement of the food drive, which benefits the Sag Harbor Food Pantry, and these large medallions made of pasta and frozen waffles that were worn by the teachers who rapped about carbohydrates. I hope this is enough for you to conjure images of the performance, and to remember to donate generously to the food pantry in these weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

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