Thursday, November 19, 2009

IGA Item of the Week

I am guessing that I haven't heard from many of you regarding my offer to share my sourdough starter, teeming with wild yeast native to our village, because you all know that sourdough improves with age and attentive feeding, and you've been waiting until it is at its peak of flavor and strength before you stop by to get some. Well, that time is here. Yesterday I made this semolina, golden raisin, and fennel bread (similar to the famous fennel-and-raisin bread baked at Amy's in the city and available sometimes at Citarella in Bridgehampton). The sourdough worked like a charm, giving my bread a great lift, open artisan crumb, and burnished crust just like Amy's bread. To celebrate, I walked over the the IGA and bought 1/4-pound of luxurious Prosciutto di Parma, which they stock, incredibly, right next to the Boar's Head ham. I asked the deli man to slice it not too thick but not too thin (I'm sure he never gets tired of hearing that request!) and then I draped slices over my bread, to serve along with some tomato soup I made in the afternoon.

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