Friday, June 11, 2010

Dessert Surprise

Last night as I was straightening up after dinner, I ignored the maddening electronic strains of Turkey in the Straw for only so long before shouting to the children to TURN DOWN THE VOLUME ON THAT COMPUTER GAME! They claimed they weren't responsible, and sure enough, as the music got louder and louder, I realized that it signaled the approach of AN ICE CREAM TRUCK! Can you believe that two teenagers I had never seen before hailed it down RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE? As they ordered we had plenty of time to shriek with surprise and grab some money. Not only was this ice cream man selling the usual creamsicles, firecrackers, and chipwiches, but he also had a soft-serve ice cream machine in his well-equipped truck. He said he was new in town, and would be around all summer. If you don't see him on your street, you can call him to cater dessert at your next party.

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