Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fifth Grade Celebration

I am a sucker for the details, so I really enjoyed today's meticulously produced graduation party at the Elementary School. From the elegant Sperry Tent to the handmade centerpieces (donated by generous parents) to the fried chicken lunch catered by Cromer's (3500 Noyac Road, 725-9004), everything was just right. My platter of chocolate chip cookies paled in comparison to Cathy Capozzola's rainbow-hued cupcakes (300 in all!) that were served while Vivian and the Merrymakers began to play.


  1. wow ! what a great celebrations - you've really raised the bar - I'm so glad my boys are way would we be able to compete! congratulations graduates!

  2. This group will not be outdone! Those cupcakes were amazing.