Monday, June 28, 2010

A Grown-Up Sunday Afternoon in Greenport

After we put one child on a bus to Maine and another on a plane to Colorado, I was ready to see a movie that wasn't Shrek or Toy Story. I was ready to see a documentary about Joan Rivers. The film wasn't playing on the South Fork, so my husband and I crossed Shelter Island to see it in Greenport. Arriving early for a matinee, we had time to stroll the waterfront before the start of the show. Immediately I was struck by the sight of virtually every pedestrian carrying a bright yellow a shopping bag from Scoop. When had Scoop opened an outpost on the North Fork? What were they putting in the water here, causing every Greenporter in sight to purchase a Bohemian-style beach cover-up or a $150 pair of jeans shorts on the same day? It wasn't the water after all, I soon realized when I spotted a table piled high with the bags. Everyone who was attending the Long Island Food and Wine Festival, taking place in two tents near the carousel, was picking up a wine glass for tasting and a bag to carry bottles home. This made much more sense than the drinking-water-creating-a-shopping-frenzy hypothesis. After 90 minutes of the hilarious but draining Joan Rivers, we needed a drink, so we returned to the registration table. Sadly for us but happily for the organizers, the festival had sold out. Not to be thwarted in our desire to support the Long Island wine industry, we headed Vine Wine Bar and ordered tastes of every Long Island white on the menu.

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